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Thirty-eight years ago I first became interested in, and then quickly captivated by astrology. Over time I have found a useful way to make astrology accessible to anyone. I do this by combining astrology with imagery from theatre. This effectively brings the complex language of the heavens down to earth.

I spend most of my time with clients in astrological readings. When someone asks me what a reading is, I say, "it is like going to therapy for six months but in one hour." This implies that readings are not monologues on my part. Rather, they are conversations where I guide us down a path to greater understanding about what is going on in your life. My main focus is your life calling, why you arrived here in the first place. I do not believe that our calling is necessarily our vocation. I am interested in human nature and how people choose to live their lives. When you call to get a reading then astrology becomes our tool to help you to learn new things about yourself. Applying metaphors, fairytales, mythology, Jungian thought, archetypal psychology, and practical ideas we expand your options in accordance with your nature.

Astrology is particularly helpful when you are in a crisis as it gives you a sense of timing, of when you will be out of the storm. It also suggests appropriate things to do during the maelstrom. Many people come to me to learn more about themselves without being at one of life's junctures. Astrology is a tool and we will apply it to whatever your needs are.

I spend the rest of my time writing (books and articles), also teaching, as a husband, and father of two daughters. When I address your busy life I always speak to you from my experiences in the "real world."

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